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New! -- "An Underground Guide To The Breast Cancer Walk" This guide was written by Larry Roshfeld; a multi-event participant who has so much passion for the cause. We're glad to have had the chance to meet him on an event and now call him friend. The 2010 guide is hot off the presses and will help with any questions you might have when you register to do a multiple day/long distance walking event!






My Breast Cancer 3 Day Journeys
By Lori Adelfio


As much as I wanted to complete a walk in 2006, I was unable to commit to training and fundraising. I had many obligations and goals to try and meet in 2006 for the Committed To A Cure Foundation started by my sister and I. However, not wanting to miss the 2006 3 Day experience, I registered to crew again in the Philadelphia 2006 Breast Cancer 3 Day. I was assigned to Traffic & Safety this year. The weather was the worst it could have possibly have been, but our team pulled together and made sure that walkers and spectators alike were a little bit safer. I was among the many who shared the same commitment to end breast cancer. We all shared stories throughout the experience and helped walkers along the way. I thank all of you who supported my efforts in the fight against breast cancer. I walk and crew because I believe in a world without breast cancer. I crew because I can. I walk because I can't walk away.

Registering for the 2005 event was somewhat daunting. Although the 2004 walk was the most exhilarating experience, I wasn't sure that I could commit to the training I needed to complete and the funds I needed to raise. I didn't want to miss out on the 2005 event, so I decided to crew. I remembered just how important the crew was to me as a walker in 2004 and I vowed to help the walkers in 2005 make it to the finish. My friend Michele crewed with me out on the route at a "Pit Stop", my mother crewed the Walker Welcome and Check In area as she did in 2004 and my sister decided to take on the challenge once again to walk 60+ miles. This time however, she walked with friends from her neighborhood and friends we met on the 2004 event. Our team Committed To A Cure grew from 4 people to 12 people! 9 walkers and 3 crew members. My friend Michele and I were assigned to a Pit Stop. There are several pit stops along the walking route, in addition to lunch stop, to ensure that the walkers get hydration and snacks needed to sustain walking such a distances in addition to any medical attention they may need. Our pit stop was themed after American Bandstand that originated in Philadelphia because the 2005 was not in New York again, but in Philadelphia! We had music and costumes for each day and we decorated our pit stop with musically themed items. Ask anyone who participated in the 2005 event and they'll tell you that the porta-potties at Pit Stop #4 were the best around! All of those things help when you're tired and weary. Each of us had a designated job at our pit stop. Michele and I were the Welcoming Committee! We chanted the walkers into our pit with funny rhymes that made them laugh. Day three was a culmination of the entire weekend. All of the new friends I made through out the weekend were huddled together at closing ceremonies thanking the walkers for walking those great distances. The walkers were thanking the crew for helping them make their journey safely. My sister participated in the closing ceremonies in the Survivor Circle. Watching her come through with her pink shirt on holding hands with other survivors was so emotional. The most touching of all; the walkers took off a shoe and waved it in the air in celebration of all of the survivors. As they say on The Breast Cancer 3 Day; "It all starts by tying your shoes".

SO, I read and I read and I visited The Susan G. Komen Foundation web site on many many occasions. I noticed something called The Breast Cancer 3 Day. I emailed to get some information about the event. As I thought about it I said to myself, "I could do 20 miles a day; piece of cake, right?" A nice young woman, Kristen, called a few weeks later to ask if I had received the information. I told her I had and that I was really interested in signing up. So I registered right there on the spot. I wanted to do something bold to help find a cure and I thought walking 60 miles in three days was pretty bold! I registered not knowing if I was going to be doing this alone or with anyone. She asked why I was doing the walk and I told her my sister's story. She asked if there was a possibility that my sister would want to participate as well. Not wanting to speak for my sister, I explained that I wasn't sure if she felt she could do it because she was under chemotherapy treatment. Kristen asked if she should call Christine and I replied, "Sure! Why not?!?" I gave her my sister's phone number and ended the call. A few hours later, I returned home to a message on my answering machine from my sister that said, "What have you done? I am going to KILL you."in a tone too cool not to make me a little bit frightened by any repercussions! To make a longer story somewhat shorter, she registered. Then my friend Michele registered. Then my mother registered. Before I knew it, Team Committed To A Cure was born! I was SO excited about doing this event. Not only because I was challenging myself to do something so monumental, but because I was doing it with my sister, my mother and my best friend. I fundraised, I trained and as time passed I started to become nervous about the unknown. I had never attempted to push myself this far before. Would I be able to make it? Walking among the many during those three days and sharing stories about why we were all doing this event made me feel a part of something big. I felt almost invincible. The second day was the hardest. We walked over a few bridges through the various boroughs of New York toward Staten Island, made it to camp at Miller Field in the middle of Staten Island. All and all I could do was cry because I barely made it through another day. The third day was not as long, and knowing that the end was near, it helped to drive me to the finish. We walked along the streets with people cheering us, thanking us for walking and telling us that we could make it. As we walked into Liberty State Park in New Jersey and crossed the finish line, I completely broke down. I was sobbing so hard because I felt as though I accomplished the most amazing challenge. I was tired, my feet ached, my calves ached, but I walked into a line of crew members cheering me in to the finish and it was the most beautiful "Welcome Home" I had ever received. For as many 3 Day events as I will participate in, I will never forget what I felt on my first 3 Day.

The Breast Cancer 3 Day
By Samantha Resnick (8 yrs. old)
The breast cancer 3-day walk is where men and women are sponsored to walk for three days. This year those three days are October 6th, 7th and 8th. This will be held in Philadelphia. My mom has raised $3075.00. To sponsor her, I have raised $35.85 by selling pictures. The men and women walk and then at night they sleep in blue tents outside and then they keep walking in the morning. My mom works very hard to walk for so long each day. The walkers have to walk for twenty miles a day. Nurses and blister care are provided. Since there are so many people doing the walk, there could be hundreds of teams. My mom has fourteen people on her team. She is friends with ALL of them. My mom's team is called "Committed To A Cure". Some of the people crew like my Nana and my Aunt Lori. The crew is a group of people that support the walkers. Some crew members walk and some ride in a truck. My whole family is wishing a lot of good luck to my mom. Together we can make a difference.





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