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Wednesday, October 03, 2007, filed under Uncategorized

About Me?  There’s not much to me, but ok, I’ll fill you in anyway.  I’m married and have two wonderful children.  No, not of the human species but they are of the four-legged variety.  They’re my kids and that’s all there is to it.  I used to be an Asst. Manager in the restaurant business but I stepped back in order to do “life” properly.  So now I do food prep, I sometimes cook stuff and expedite lunch service instead.  I guess this would be the time to tell you that although the FOOD NETWORK might make it look glamorous, believe me, it’s really not.  This is also a reason I don’t have “human” children at the moment, because I had over 40 of my very own at work.  They all fight, they all make up….they’re kids.

My house is a modest one and I’m looking for someone to clean it, but every time I do, I find her staring back at me in the mirror and she doesn’t look happy about it!  I’m not what you might call a “Domestic Goddess”, but hey, I’m slightly entertaining so maybe my short comings regarding everything Martha Stewart can be forgiven.  I have a brother and a sister.  I’m the baby.  And before you start to wonder, no I was not spoiled because I was the baby.  I will say that the “Domestic Goddess” thing does root back to my childhood. We had to do chores because my mother worked and wanted to teach us a sense of responsibility.  I couldn’t WAIT to rebel against the domestic neatness and vacuum marks in the rugs!  Which I guess is why I am now challenged in that area as an adult. 

My brother (who incidentally got me into the restaurant business and in particular the restaurant I am employed by) has now LEFT the business (several years ago actually)and I’m wondering (more like hoping) if he’s coming back. *scratching my head*  I feel like I’m sitting in a park waiting for the him to come back….slowly the sun is going down, the park empties, and I suddenly start to hear crickets.  I’m the only one left in the place and I’m starting to get cold! Usually this is the time where I start mumbling that he’s a bas…well, you get my drift.  He’s married with one daughter who, we are convinced, was sent from heaven.  Not because she’s a perfect angel, but because she was a blessing on all of our lives.  If anyone reading this believes in “the other side”, you’ll know what I mean. She’s a ray of sunshine and as funny as can be.  My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer 10+ years ago. She is a 10 year survivor still in treatment at the moment.  She’s married with two daughters who are sunlight and air.  No, that’s not their names, (that’s more Frank Zappas speed)but they are just amazing girls.  They have had a lot to deal with and understand for such young kids.  My sister goes to chemotherapy clinic every other week and has seemed to have “worked it in” to her schedule.  It’s inspiring quite frankly and it seems as though her diagnosis and being a survivor still in treatment has really awakened me to the fact that the world may not always be “About Me”.  My parents are the most supportive two people you could ever meet.  I think that perhaps they’re a wee bit bias.  They think their kids invented the wheel or something!  We’re not that clever.  We just do our best.  Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fall short.  But when we fall short, our parents have always been there to help us back up and tell us we’re wonderful no matter what.

My husbands family has been supportive of my efforts toward the fight against breast cancer.  My mother and father in law specifically.  They’re good people.  They’re the kind of people you love having over because you can pretty much talk about anything and still laugh. They’re kind people too. I almost never call them my mother and father in law….they’re mom and dad.  When I married my husband, I was given an extended family that also included two sister in laws.  The oldest is married with one daughter. Her husband, to me, is a riot.  The guy just cracks me up all the time when we’re gathered together for a holiday or event. I can appreciate a good sense of sarcasm and he’s got one.  I can recognize it because, well, I’ve been known to be a tad sarcastic myself.  Her daughter, my niece, is such a special spirit really.  She’s one of those kids that you can just plainly say, “She’s a good kid.” and truly mean it.  She’s in college. In the Nursing Program and may look to specialize in oncology.  I know, I don’t seem old enough to have a niece in college.  I can’t BELIEVE I’m old enough to have a niece in college. *sigh* I asked her to specialize in Geriatric care so she can take care of me.  She told me to take an asprin. My other sister in law has never been without the ability to make you laugh whether it is something she says or does.  She likes to shock people and I kinda like that about her.  I think, like me, humor for her is a great escape or deflector of things that may make her sad. 

So, that’s “About Me”.  See? Not much going on.  My family is full of stuff as you can see, but I however am not really all that interesting.  I’m trying to start a resource center in my area and if you visit www.committedtoacure.org you’ll get to know what it is I’m trying to accomplish.  Hopefully, one day VERY soon, we won’t need a cancer resource center because we’ll have a cure.


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